Halogen provides individual or group training services for your finance team in a customized and structured training environment.
The Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore or IRAS has recently announced the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme that provides tax benefits to organizations that train their employees with the necessary technical or other skills required to improve the productivity and innovation of their workforce. Take advantage of the PIC Scheme to train your employees at a lower cost.

Halogen can provide training services in Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Access as well as seamless integration of data between these two powerful softwares that are widely used in Finance departments of almost every organization. The training is provided with an objective of generating meaningful reports (with low setup and maintenance effort) of key performance indicators that are critical for management decision making and control. The information is also customized based on the requirements of the business

The trend of outsourced transaction processing from Singapore to low cost countries is gathering steam with many organizations having already moved their accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger teams. As Singapore moves up the value chain, activities like Treasury Management, Financial Planing & Analysis, Regional Sales and Marketing and Financial Forecasting are increasingly being performed in Singapore under various regional and tax incentive schemes. These activities require advanced information technology skillsets and a constant investment to upgrade employee knowledgebase.

Contrary to popular belief, investments in expensive and complicated software and lengthy implementation routines is not a pre-requisite for effective finance support. With the developments in technology, internet capabilities and some focused training, it is possible to setup inexpensive data systems using Excel and Access either on an intranet or internet platform to exchange and collect data from various individuals or teams based in various locations with minimal maintenance effort. This allows the financial analysts to spend more time on critical analysis of the business trends and provide timely, intelligent data based recommendations and not on extensive data gathering or data aggregation exercises. Our training enables generation of real time information, with a single version of the truth, stored on a common database that provides seamless connectivity throughout the organization.

The role of the modern accountant has evolved rapidly in recent years. In addition to stay abreast of accounting and regulatory standards, accountants are increasingly required to learn and maintain technology platforms on a self service model which used to be the exclusive domain of Information Technology departments in the past. With management demanding accurate rolling forecasts and forward looking information in terms of forecasts and impact analysis to make important decisions for the business, providing quick and reliable projections becomes extremely critical for for finance teams of registered agents.

Our solutions are completely customized and we provide you with a number of skills and competencies to deliver expected performance. Whether you are a large MNC or a medium sized business with 500 employees or a small organization with 50 to 100 employees, our training programs will provide the necessary skills to extract, transform and load data from various standalone ERP or other information systems and integrate them into useful information with no redundant data entry. Any organization can start to leverage the benefits of business process automation and transform the capabilities of the finance department with the help of our training and working with Access Databases, Excel data gathering and reporting templates, Custom Excel VBA Macros, linking Excel and Access on a networked environment and creating meaningful reports and charts.

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