Version: 1.0
Released: Sep 3th, 2007
Language: English Computer Program, C++, Java, Python
Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Tabl
File Size: 4.1MB
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Halogen Business Process Management 1.0 Description (hpbo.exe)

Our software provides an excellent technology platform for your customers to share their documents and data with your back-office in a secure, reliable and efficient manner. The web enabled customer interface allows your customers to load data onto your servers is a secure environment. Each customer has an unlimited amount of unique logon ID?s and the user list can be managed either by the customer or yourself. Our built in workflow technology notifies your staff as well as escalates pending or urgent matters defined on your needs via email. Our solution ensure that no document remain unattended. Our software contains state of the art, optical character recognition tools to recognize characters in any uni-code enabled language and save that information along with an image of the scanned document. Reduce your transaction processing time and simply verify the accuracy of the scanned data. Click one button to accept the scanned information or make minor modifications and our software can automatically import the data into the correct fields. Our software has been designed to integrate with popular accounting and call centre management softwares.

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Data Migration Application Executable

If your business is required to comply with the Digital Millenium Act of Sarbanes Oxley requirements and section 404, you are probably aware of the importance of sound processes, internal controls, documentation and year-round effectiveness of those controls.

Sox 404 requires that management design an appropriate control environment, that is documented, verified and tested and then certify on the effectiveness that the controls operated as intended throughout the period being certified. Most businesses are extremely dynamic with many processes that are changed on a regular basis.

These changes need to be made within the overall framework of Sox and evaluated against Sox criteria. Halogen can provide you with the experienced resources required to comply with the Sox requirements.

Control Environment (hpbo.exe)

Regular Internal control reviews and assessments are
extremely essential in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Unfortunately, such reviews are often overlooked in the day to day routines and deadlines for most organizations. Employee fraud, misappropriation and stealing are becoming increasing common in today’s business environment. Too often, frauds are committed not out of financial necessity or desperation, but simply because the opportunity for misappropriation presented itself accompanied by lack of monitoring or controls.

Statutory audits are largely incapable of identifying control weaknesses and gaps in the control environment as the audits are not designed to uncover frauds. As an external and independent party, Halogen can review your business processes solely with the objective of control weaknesses by identifying areas where the potential for losses or fraud is greatest and make suggestions or recommendations to plug those gaps. We take the time to understand your business, processes and people and mitigate risks of fraudulent activity in your business.

Talk to us for a comprehensive control assessment discussion. Our thorough and detailed approach to assessing internal control weaknesses together with our extensive experience has the potential to protect your business interests.

Controlled Reporting Financial Program

A common scenario in many multinational corporations
is the existence of multiple legacy accounting systems, a result of growth by acquisitions or simply the lack of planned organic growth. Finance teams struggle each day with new reporting requirements imposed from the corporate office. With a chart of accounts that differs in each country, extracting, collating, verifying and providing information that is comparable and easily understood becomes a truly manual and challenging task for the finance team.

Reports that are generated finally are often unreliable and contain numerous errors. Usually, this manual process has to be repeated all over again each time the same report is required.

However, Halogen can provide a solution to extract required information directly from your various existing financial systems, in the required format and save the report as a template which can be reused over and over. Analyzing the business operations for the region can be a daunting task filled with massaging huge amounts of data manually. If you are currently working on excel sheets for matching your budgets to your rolling forecasts to your actual numbers month after month and generating your variance explanations, speak to Halogen. We all know how frustrating and time-consuming it is to communicate reporting requirements to the IT team and constant back and forth that is required to get the correct information.

Halogen can put the power to faster and accurate information extraction in the finance team’s fingertips. Get one consistent version of the truth from your existing legacy systems, which is reliable and accurate. . Learn how you can save time spent on data collation into real analysis and provide insight to your management.

Generate insight, analysis and solutions rather than compiling data. Our low cost solutions, leverage on your existing information systems and generate reports straight off your existing databases or we can provide you with other options like setting up a data-warehouse to setting up a business intelligence platform. Talk to Halogen on value added reporting solutions today.