Systems upgrades, Merger and acquisitions, new business developments and expansion can all necessitate changes to your existing accounting systems. When a new system is implemented, one of the requirements is to migrate open transactions, an in some cases all historical data, from legacy systems into the new system.

Depending on the size of the organization, this task can be quite a challenge, especially if your organization does not maintain two systems in parallel and the migration is required over a short time frame like on a weekend. Accurate data migration is critical to ensure that vendors are not paid twice, customers are not sent duplicate invoices and balances are rolled over accurately. Often times, temporary resources deployed and not familiar with the risks involved in data migration and their impact on your systems going forward.

Such temporary resources end up being a drain on your existing employees who need to supervise the temporary staff quite closely. What you need is experienced finance professionals from Halogen to manage your entire migration process and get it right the first time without supervision from your existing staff.

We can help you to extract, standardize, clean and migrate existing data into your new system so you can hit the ground running. The quality of master data available in distributed and decentralized systems is usually poor. We understand the importance of consistent master data especially in a standardized regional roll out of any system in a multi-national organization. Halogen can provide a low cost solution to migrate your data either manually by re-keying in the data in your required format or use technology to migrate the data electronically. We guarantee data accuracy.